American College of Cardiology

  • ACC 2017 – Joint Session ACC Italy Chapter, ACC Consortium Chapter of Serbia and Republic of Srpska, and American College of Cardiology
    “Coronary syndromes revisited: international perspectives”
    Moderators: C. Michael Valentine, Michele M. Gulizia, Milan A. Nedeljkovic
    Speakers: C. Michael Valentine, Ana Djordjevic-Dikic, Giancarlo Casolo, Daniel Kolansky, Branko D. Beleslin, Francesco Romeo
  • ACC 2016 – Joint Session Brazilian Society of Cardiology, ACC Italy Chapter and American College of Cardiology
    “Pathophysiology and management of acute coronary syndromes”
    Moderators: Michele M. Gulizia, Richard A. Chazal, Marcus Vinicius Bolivar Malachias
    Speakers: Richard A. Chazal, Francesco Romeo, Andrea Di Lenarda, Deepak L. Bhatt, Angelo A.V. De Paola, Jose C. Nicolau
  • ACC 2015 – Joint Session of the Pennsylvania and Italy ACC Chapters
    “Cardiac Imaging – Past and Present: International perspectives from the Egyptian Society of Cardiology”
    Moderators: Michele M. Gulizia, Srinivas Murali, Adel M. El Etriby
    Speakers:  Adel Allam, Francesco Fedele, John Gorcsan, Ashraf Badawi, Andrea Di Lenarda, Victor A. Ferrari
  • ACC 2014 – Joint Symposium of the Pennsylvania ACC and Italian Chapters of the American College of Cardiology
    “Novel communication techniques in cardiovascular care: improving diagnosis and management”
    Moderators: Francesco Fedele, Srinivas Murali
    Speakers: Victor Ferrari, Simona Scalvini, Francesco Romeo, James Kirkpatrick, Alfred Bove